QR Codes

Uses of QR Codes to a Business

What are the practical uses of QR codes to businesses and how can the QR codes be utilized to increase consumers and products awareness?

Quick Response codes are a kind of matrix barcodes but they are two-dimensional and consist of modules in black that are arranged on a white background in a square pattern. Just like the barcodes used in retailer shops to track inventory, the QR codes are also used to keep information in them. The main significant difference of the QR codes with the barcodes is not only the design but also the amount of data they hold. Barcodes are one-dimension linear codes that can store only a few details in them while the QR codes are two-dimensional in a square shape and can store much more data as compared to barcodes. QR codes can store alphanumeric content, url links and even images. One way for business is to use them in their websites online not only to provide information to mobile phone users but also to keep their web pages updated with fresh new content. It is very important to websites to be updated for search engines to easily locate them when the sites are searched by a user. There are several ways of updating webs content, using blogs, creating fresh content in the pages and now using QR codes.

A consumer with a handset that has an enabled QR code reader can scan the code can get access link to digital content that the website has, they can also activate functions such as email and sms and be able to connect the mobile device to the web browser and view the content. This is how the QR codes work with mobile devices. There are millions of people who use mobile handsets and any marketing strategy that works around capturing this target market of mobile phone users can generate some good results if well launched. What a business needs to do is create their own QR codes using the several QR code generators now found online. It is a simple process of entering the desired data into the QR code generator and there you go, you have a QR code with your data. As for the consumers, they can download QR code reader applications very easily from their mobile handsets. Many of the camera enabled phones that are being manufactured are able to read and scan QR codes. This is the target market for companies using QR codes and it is a market with millions of people of all demographics.

Sharing is also made easy especially if your business uses social media sites such as Facebook and others. You can use certain applications to create QR codes that link the mobile devices to a functioning “LIKE” button on the social media site by any user. Anyone who uses their mobile handset to visit the internet and comes across your QR code and scans it is linked to the “like” button on your Facebook page hence you have shared information. This advantage makes it much simpler to merge all the other business communities that the business might have with the Facebook page by just one click. The use of the QR codes in terms of sharing and providing information to the consumers is quite endless and if well managed it can increase either the visits to a business’ website or even increase the sales of a certain product or service.