What are QR Codes?

What are QR codes and their purpose in increasing the number of consumers who have access to your website and what is required to read and scan the QR codes?

QR codes are similar to barcodes that are often used by retailers to track their inventory with the difference being that a barcode is a linear one-dimensional code while the QR codes are two-dimensional matrix barcodes. Another difference is that the linear barcode can hold just a few data about 20 numerical digits while the QR codes can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of data. It is this unique ability of being able to hold more information that has managed to make them popular with small business. The origin of the QR codes which stands for Quick Response codes is in Japan where they were used in the motor industry. They were invented by Denso Wave, a subsidiary company of Toyota the giant motor manufacturing company. The QR codes can be read using a cell phone easily and other code readers. One thing that makes the QR codes very efficient and great for businesses is that they are able to store a lot of information such as url links, geographical coordinates and text content and since they do not require the large hand held devices such as the linear barcodes require to read them, they make it easier for the user to read the information even with a smart cell phone. The codes are made up of black modules that are arranged squarely on a white background.

The use of QR codes has extended a lot especially during this year. They are now common in commercial tracking, product marketing, product labeling, entertainment and other many uses. They can be seen at the back of business magazines, catalogues, websites and even social media sites and certain product packaging. Consumers who might be searching for information about any product or website and have a camera phone that is equipped with a reader application can scan the QR code, read the text that is there and any other information stored in the QR code. They can also go to the extent of opening a web page by connecting to the wireless network using their handset. Many mobile phone makers in the world are equipping their handsets with QR code readers to allow consumers the ability to scan the codes and collect the information that is stored in them.

One great way the QR codes are being used is by making web pages visible online. Search engines require the websites to be updated regularly otherwise the user might not find it easily. However, by adding QR codes in your web pages, the search engines will recognize the new content and consider your web pages updated as often as required. The QR code has be used to market a certain product or service on a webpage by providing the details of information on the product, the numbers to call by the consumer and possibly the url link to visit to get more details on the product or service. All this is from a cell phone and they are able to share this with their friends and relatives. These are just some of the qualities of the QR codes that make them ideal for small or even large business to market their products and services or even increase their search results from users online.