Why It is Important to Utilize Near Field Communication Technology

SMS Marketing Service Applications of NFC - Applications of Near Field Communication

What NFC is and what are the uses of Near Field Communication technology for small and large business in marketing of their products and services.

Near Field Communication is a technology that is wireless and short-range wireless for communication of mobile phones and other devices such as credit cards, electronic tickets and similar devices. This technology greatly reduces the power consumption of the devices by working in a short range of distance which is about 4 centimeters and less. This also makes the Near Field Communication very secure for commerce purposes and every other use it is established to do. There is very little to no set up required for Near Field Communication to work. The devices that have the technology can connect very easily as long as the initiator device generates the radio frequency and targets the other device to connect. This technology is targeted mobile phone users who are in their millions and could turn their mobile phones into virtual wallets since with the Near Field Communication, a consumer can store information such as the kind that is stored in credit cards, identification and payment details which are used for making purchases at retail stores. Many retailers both online and elsewhere have adapted to this technology and even some industries such as public transport in some parts of the world have started using Near Field Communication to receive payments.

The use of NFC for virtual wallet purposes is made easier by the fact that it is very secure because of the short range distances it works in hence reducing the interference by other intercepting signals that would pose as threats while making contactless transactions. This technology is expected to replace many technologies such as credit cards, debit cards and other contactless technologies. The whole idea is to tap into the market of mobile phone users. There are many people in the world that use the mobile phones and this number is expected to rise and keep rising. So, the best and smart thing that businesses have been trying to do is to find ways to reach this market whether it is for marketing purposes or the actual transaction process. To be able to tap into the mobile phone users market would be an excellent strategy for any business. The first Near Field Communication enabled mobile smart phones were released back in 2007 and many more mobile phone manufacturers have joined in the frenzy making the number of NFC enabled handsets very high. With the technology being available easily, new and more interesting applications are being devised by the innovators in the industry and this is why having the Near Field Communication technology is the best thing for any business that wants to secure its future. Besides being used in mobile phones, the Near Field communication technology is also used in credit cards, passports, inventory tracking systems and tickets and advertising too. These are some of the uses of NFC for commerce purposes.

In the near future more applications will be innovated where the contactless technology can be used to simplify commerce activities and other applications for exchanging information from one device to another very easily, fast and more than ever before secure because one of the major concerns with sharing information online is security of that information.