Using SMS Mobile Marketing to Reach Consumers

Using SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the best tools for mobile phone marketing to reach out to the millions of consumers who own mobile phones.

To be able to advertise using the mobile phone, there are several platforms that can be used. Short message services, images, web based advertisements and others. The most common one however is the use of sms. Short message services is the single most common means of exchanging information through the mobile phone and for any business to tap into this, it would gain a lot of market. This target market for sms marketing is the group of people who have mobile phones and it does not matter what extra features such as web access or camera. This kind of marketing is a direct means of communicating to an already existing number of a company’s customers. The communication in this type of sms marketing is directed to an already existing market as compared to other marketing strategies where the communication is targeted to new markets. The strategy begins by first collecting the numbers and putting them into the platform for sending the messages.

The marketer then prepares the marketing promotion and sends mass messages to the customers. However, it is crucial to manage the sms marketing in such a way that it does not seem to be spamming. There are many businesses out there that use this opportunity to send spam messages which are often seen as a nuisance. There are however set guidelines that prevent spam messages from being sent and the use of purchased lists of contact numbers. It is the responsibility of the Mobile Marketing Association to formulate such guidelines and rules. This kind of marketing is new but gaining popularity really fast for several obvious reasons, it is very cheap as compared to other digital platforms of marketing, high return on investment and very direct by placing the messages into the pockets of the consumers. Similarly to email marketing which also has a low cost to it, the sms marketing is very cheap as well but has a higher respond rate as compared to the email. Consumers are easy to respond to sms messages faster than an email even when using their mobile phone.

Any kind of business can use this short message service marketing whether it is a small business or a large organization engaged in multimillion brand awareness. The success of sms marketing will depend on the strategy used and how many customers you can contact and how many will respond back to you. The same message that is sent to one customer is normally the same message that is sent to all other customers. However, not all customers will respond to the short messages but many text messages get responded quite easily within five minutes of receiving as compared to other means of communication. You must have given your customer notice of any ongoing marketing campaign to prepare them and offer them a choice of backing out of the campaign when they need to. This is because sending unwanted short messages to anyone is considered as spamming. This is what the Mobile Marketing Association handles and works to prevent. It is important to work within the provided rules and guidelines for sms marketing.