Key Advantages of Using QR/NFC Technology

These are the advantages of Near Field Communication technology to your organization. Utilize NFC and witness great results for marketing

Near Field communication is a set of standards for establishing a radio communication between mobile devices. This technology supports contactless transactions for consumers. It has a lot of benefits which make it very useful in the commerce world for business and consumers likewise. This technology is also able to support so many other already existing contactless infrastructures which mean that if a consumer has this one NFC enabled in their mobile device, they can utilize it with many other contactless infrastructures. Some of the benefits of the Near Field communication to a consumer and a business are as follows; the first and foremost is the fact that it is intuitive. By only a simple touch or close proximity, devices that have Near Field communication enabled can interact very easily and transfer or exchange the data. For NFC devices to work together, the initiator which is the first device that is generating the radio frequency starts to connect to any paired device which is the target when they are both in touch with each other or close by about 4 centimeters.

Another benefit is that Near Field communication is very versatile because it is used by many industries, organizations and in many environments to broadcast. This is the same reason that with the NFC enabled device, a consumer can establish several contactless transactions with several other contactless infrastructures. It is also Open and standards-based. This means that universal implemented ISO, ECMA and ETSI standards form the underlying layers of the Near Field communication. The security of the Near Field communications is also another great benefit. Near Field Communication is a short range technology which means that it works in short ranges ranging from less than 4 centimeters to a touch. This not only makes any intercepting signal hard to interrupt but it is also ideal to use in crowded places such as points of sale in retail stores where many consumers converge to pay for their goods and services. It also works with existing contactless card technologies such as QR codes and other existing infrastructures. The technology creates a universal interface that gaps the bridges between already existing technologies and devices hence enabling the utilization of many applications and services.

Since the Near Field communication technology enables exchange of data, consumers and business use it to transfer information with simply touching the devices such as business cards and transactions and even downloading a coupon. This is really useful to the consumers and business in the commerce world. These are some of the benefits of Near Field communication which as seen make it a very useful tool for business and the consumers in terms of simplifying their transactions of buying and selling.